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Farmer's Markets

A tribute to the beloved Mother, Grandmother, Wife, and Friend Gabina.

Inspired by her excellent culinary skills, Gabina's Cuisine continues to excel in providing great traditional Filipino food that offers culinary delight appreciated by all those who have tasted it.

Chula Vista, CA   |   619.500.4884   |


The term pancit is derived from the Hokkien pian i sit (Chinese: 便ê食; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: piān-ê-si̍t or Chinese: 便食; pinyin: biàn shí) which literally means "convenient food.


Comes in variation of BBQ Pork, BBQ Chicken or Chicken Adobo with a side of rice, pancit, &  3pcs of Lumpia

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5 Piece Lumpia.jpg

Deep fried savory snack made of thin crepe pastry skin called "lumpia wrapper" enveloping a mixture of savory fillings, consisting chopped vegetables (carrots, cabbages & celery) with minced  pork 

"This place was really good. The adobo was a lot thicker than I'm used to but was delicious! I definitely want to come here and order a full dinner. We just had four pieces of adobo some lumpia and some banana dessert my husband loves. They were all super tasty. We will definitely be back."

Lorna C.

San Diego, CA

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